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Become a Part of the PharoahMoan Productions Family!!

BANDS / ARTISTS: I have spent a lot of time helping you and I will continue to do so. Whether you are looking for a Manager, a Promoter, Publicity, etc. We do it all! Please call for Special Band Rates.

BUSINESSES: So many small businesses forget that they need artistic vision to promote their company. We provide that at a fraction of the cost. PR, Copyediting, Copywriting, Design, Web, Advertising, we do it all. We work on a Flat Rate hourly basis. You schedule us for a certain number of hours each month, and we get done what needs to be done!

LITERATURE: This is one of the newest focuses of PharoahMoan Productions. Literature is just as much an art form as anything else, and it is our purpose to bring it to you. Stay tuned for the Magazine we will be putting out shortly. We are accepting submissions all the time.

DONATIONS: We already do a lot of work for the artistic community and have helped out a number of bands. But it’s not cheap and we can only do what we can afford. If you would like to help us revolutionize the Art/Music Industry, we never turn down donations, so if you feel the need, feel free to send check, cash, money order or whichever!

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