Android Lust, Voodoo Organist, The Red Church, Porcelain Dollz, The Fray, The Frail, Deep 3nder, Noise 626, Machinegun Symphony, Datacode Division, R.A.M., Razed in Black, Terrorfakt, E-Craft, Dismantled, Cesium_137, Tragic Black, Human Drama, The Last Dance, The Azoic, The Strand, Emergence, Bella Morte, Ashes of Fall, Domiana, Dulce Sky, Mona, Phono, Redemption, Sigma 6, Violet Run, Solitary Sinners, Erotic, Caustic Soul, Dark Orchid, Indigo Reaction, The December Question, The Siren Project, Deviant, KUBiX, Karma Ghost, Born In Winter, Ana Dies, What Tribe, The Misplaced, Plastic Parachute, Love .45, Aktivate Sin, Duct Tape for a White Girl, H.M.B., Haujobb, Mono Chrome, Architect, Cleen, Clear Vision, Cleener, Claire Voyant, SD6, Collide, The Secret Meeting, Cyanotic, mindFluxFuneral, Johnny Indovina, Sound of the Blue Heart, MC Frontalot, Mankind is Obsolete, RoughHausen, Red This Ever, Dead Hand Projekt, Faces Under the Mirror


DJ Lelly, DJ Zoya, DJ MersyOne, DJ PharoahMoan, DJ IX, OSDJ, MfR, DJ Ivo, DJ Tower, Annika Demonika, DJ Garth, DJ IVO, DJ Amtrax, DJ Elusis, DJ Rexual, DJ Katastrophy, DJ Christ, DJ Demon, DJ Slave1, DJ Sin, Zombienurse, 0N1X, DJ Christ, Daniel Meier (Haujobb), DJ Cozmos Mudwulf, Goth Paul, Black Cables, Good Mourning, and many, many more…


Gothic Monk Photography, Alex Seminara, Vincent Cantillon, Vector Defector, Dylan Scholinski, Kumi, Midori, The Crispy Family Carnival Spectacular


Bottom’s Up Tavern, Rock Island, Area 51 (SLC), The Climax Lounge, The Soiled Dove, The Bluebird Theatre, Industrial Nation, Ground Zero, Herman’s Hideaway, The Launchpad, Club Onyx, The North Door, The Church, The Shelter, Milk Bar, Club 314, Cafe@Netherworld, Club Syn, Dream Nightclub, Factory of Dreams, The Wave, Club Boca, Disintegration, The Gallery, The Rising Phoenix, Club Millenium, Bender’s Tavern, Club Vinyl, The Atrium, Blue Ice, Crave Nightclub, “Pharoah’s Lounge,” Fast Forward, Sutra, Old Curtis Street Tavern, Cobwebz, The Compound, Basixx, Lion’s Lair


The Colorado Dark Arts Festival, Salt Lake City Dark Arts Festival, Opus Festival, Kink


Radio 1190, KTCL 93.3FM, Projekt Records, Gestalt Records, Nilaiah Records, Elijah’s Rainbow, Action Networking, Plaza Research, Westword Newspaper, Out Front, VectorDefector, SLC Dark Arts Festival, Colorado Dark Arts Collective, Eroxa Produtions, Denver Darkside, Gothic Enigmacy, Gothic Planet, The Movement of Fear, Women of Fear, The Fear Scouts, Evil Poodle Productions, Nimbus Entertainment, Metropolis Records, Nobody In Particular Presents, Clear Channel Communications, WTII Records, 23db Records, BitRiot Records, Noiseplus Music, Pinnacle Worldwide Media Services, Isadore Gallery, Black Crown Entertainment, Triple X Records, Shinto Records, Backwards Records, Vendetta Music, SoCo Nightlife

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